7 days sailing holiday in Sardinia and Corsica

Dive in the pure and wonderful water of Maddalena Archipelago, Tavolara Island and the Natural Park of Lavezzi. You will enjoy sunset drinks and dinners under the moonlight in some of the best coves of the Mediterranean Sea.

Maddalena Archipelago is a group of islands to the north-east of Sardinia, near the Costa Smeralda. The main islands of the archipelago are: La Maddalena, Caprera, Budelli, Santo Stefano, Santa Maria, Spargi, Razzoli. The are also plenty of minor islands, within a gorgeous sea of crystal clear water.

Caprera Island is famous because it hosted Giuseppe Garibaldi (Italian hero and one of the national founders) during his exile and his house is now a public museum. The Maddalena Archipelago was declared a National Park in 1994 and it is unquestionably one of the most beautiful and unspoiled parts of Italy. This makes it ideal for sailing trips due to its natural beauty and clear emerald water.

The countless beaches and coves in the Archipelago are well known worldwide and attract thousand of tourists each year for their waters’ clarity. Cala Corsara, on Spargi Island, is considered one of the best, with the finest white sand and the crystal clear water.‎ However the most fascinating is “Spiaggia Rosa” (the pink beach), on Budelli Island. The peculiar colour of the sand is due to the broken shells of millions of small shellfish.

Sailing is the best way to explore the Maddalena Archipelago as many of the beaches are only reachable by boat, as well as being the perfect way to enjoy the wonderful water.

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July: 10-16, 17-24, 24-30
August: 31-6, 7-13, 14-20, 21-27
September: 28-3, 4-10 (return trip)


July: 490 €
August: 550 €
September: 450 €


Mobile: 333 785 3642

How to get there

The best way to reach us is by flying into Olbia airport. From the airport you can get to Palau port by bus (price here) or by taxi (price here). From Palau port there are ferries to the Maddalena Island every 15 minutes. Near to the Maddalena ferry station you will find the bus station to porto Massimo. You can buy tickets at the local Bar…. and the single price is (price here).‎

Once you are at Porto Massimo, you will know your holiday has started, as you have the opportunity to swim and enjoy a wonderful lunch while the AVUI team will prepare the boat.


Boarding will be on Sunday around 16:00. You will climb aboard with your backpacks and settle in. We recommend avoiding rigid trolleys and suitcases and suggest using bags or backpacks that are easily foldable. After this your instructor will give you the boat induction: they will explain how to move around above and below deck, how to efficiently organise and manage the pantry for the week, how to tack, how to live together with the crew during navigation and how to sail in harmony with the wind.

The first dinner will be held at one of the crew’s favourite local restaurants with good food and good value for money. You’ll be warmly welcomed as we have a great reputation in La Maddalena!

During the week

On Monday we will set sail at mid morning, after breakfast and after the groceries have been organised in the boat. Your days will quickly pass in a incredibly relaxed atmosphere, immersed in nature on all sides. You will be able to enjoy the wonderful sea of La Maddalena archipelago sailing between Sardinia and Corsica Islands.‎ You will get to know all the beaches, and coves that we will show you, you will learn how to tack and gybe and adjust the sails according to the wind direction and to the course. The most enthusiastic of you could also use the rudder under the vigilant eyes of the instructors!

There will be plenty of time to relax and chill: the ‘sporty’ ones could have long early morning swims while the lazy ones will have breakfast surrounded by beautiful landscapes. We will have sunny lunches, bathing, drinking beers and listening to music, with an ‘aperitivi’ at sunset anchored in a stunning cove, dinners altogether below deck and after dinner time talking and getting to know each other. Until the last light, when we will take the last chance to switch off and let the stars shine.

The arrival

The end of the week will be celebrated with the ‘last supper’ in La Maddalena. On Friday night we will be anchored to the small harbour and there will be time to visit the small village, explore the local shops and spend a night on land. It will be very hard wearing your shoes after one week barefoot!

On Saturday morning we will sail back to Porto Massimo where you will prepare your luggage for the return while the crew clean the boats thoroughly.